Communique8 is global provider of proven, high-quality Internet telephony products, services and infrastructure for resellers call shops and private customers worldwide. After years of experience we know exactly what features needed, and where to focus. Our private-label VoIP products include PC-to-Phone, Phone-to-Phone, and broadband phone solutions, while our robust back-office suite includes billing, operations management, marketing support, and network management.

Communique8 advanced VoIP solutions offer service providers and resellers a full spectrum of private label VoIP products and services (including PC to Phone and Broadband VoIP Phone) as well as a back-office suite of services. Utilizing advanced Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology, Communique8 provides all the components to support a complete VoIP service deployment including; project planning and implementation, network management, soft switch applications, a variety of VoIP hardware devices, service management tools and a full suite of back office services. The back office suite includes billing, e-commerce and fraud management, provisioning and configuration, web applications, Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) and more.

All of these elements can be provided to our customers under our turnkey Hosted Communications Solution.