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Providing billing for call shop in your own currency

No more working with stopper. Now you will know exactly how much your customers use. You can follow your shop from anywhere in the world.

Introducingย� Communique8 VoIP Call Shop - a new low-cost, feature-rich solution that allows call shops and internet cafes quick and competitive entry into the rapidly growing world of IP telephony. This highly scalable solution offers a rapid and effortless set-up, and requires very minimal investment.

With Communique8, you can set up any desired billing plan using a broad range of flexible pricing features that allow you to increase profits and broaden your product offering. Billing features include per minute charges, different calling account increments, rounding, access fees, monthly recurring charges (MRC), customized price plans, and more. Communique8's online billing software gives you the ability to choose what rates to bill customers, print invoices, and view Call Detail Records (CDRs), all in real-time.