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When PAP2 fails to provide the dial tone, what can I do first?

There are a number of possible factors that cause no-dial-tone problems; nonetheless, what simply you can do is to check your LAN. In other words, you just unplug the LAN cable and reconnect it. Also, power cycles both the router and the PAP2. Wait a moment and pick the phone up to see if PAP2 starts to provide dial tone again.

If some numbers of some destination areas cannot be reached, what should I do?

This issue is concerning the system; nothing to do with equipment or settings. You may contact us and please prepare the problematic numbers, time of failure and PIN number you used to make calls, for us to investigate your petition efficiently.

If the calling attempts fail in every number, what can I do?

In this case, your account balance may be lower than usable margin. Please check your account at www.communique8.com. If you would like to add money to your account, feel free to contact our accounting department. However, the voice or network equipment could be inoperative due to high temperature and humidity. What you can do is to simply power cycle all the equipment.

After the cycling, check their status as followed:

ADSL Router: Power, PPP, ADSL, Ethernet LEDs are active?

Switch: The switch's ports that connect to other devices are actively blinking.?

PAP2: Power, PHONE1 and PHONE2 are active?

If some of which should be false, please contact the technical support team.

What is the reason why you top up your account through PayPal but the money is not there?

Once you top up your account through PayPal, you should check all details such as PIN, NAME, Email address and telephone number for security reason in all transactions.

What should you do to get a convenience in top up your account?

It is simple just fill your Name, Email address, telephone numbers and address in registration process that conform to you PayPal information.

Or you can do wire by Weston Union or Bank transfer. In this case, please contact our accounting for more detail.

Why Portal billing so slow?

Sometime Portal billing so slow, you can change browser from Internet Explore to Mozilla Fire Fox or upgrade your IE.

How I check my balance?

You can check through website or you can dial *11. System will give you balance.


What is the best view for Communique8 website?

Best View With Internet Explorer 8.0+, Resolution 1024x768 pixels, Medium Font Size. Or use Firefox.



How i listen my message?

Normally system will sent message to your e-mail or you can dial *98.