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Take your massages anywhere in the world:

Today when you are not in Office, of not answer your phone you you can receive messages through emaill, no more hassle in getting into your voice mail.Communique8ย�Voicemail allows you to retrieve and manage your messages by phone, the web and even email.

Access Your Voicemail Box From Anywhere
You can check your voicemails from yourย�Communique8 phone or remotely from any touch tone phone. As aย�Communique8 VoIP phone service customer, you can customize a 2-digit passcode to access your voicemail via yourย�Communique8 phone.

Receive and Play Back Your Messages by Email
Now you can check your voicemails without checking your phone. Withย�Communique8 VoIP phone service, you can customize your voicemail to send you instant email notification when you get a message or actually have the message sent to you via your email service. Then you can play your messages right from your computer.

Customize Your Voicemail Online or by Phone
With Communique8's online feature management, you can turn your VoIP phone service features on or off anytime you want, activate email notification at the touch of a button, change the number of rings before calls go to voicemail, plus more. If you're feeling creative you can even upload wav files to use for your voicemail greetings.